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3D Printed Vase Showcases Flowers for Visual Appeal

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 3D Printed Vase Showcases Flowers for Visual Appeal
        The vase is actually a beautifully designed work of art in and of itself. Design a 3D printed vase that intended “to blend in…to showcase the flowers by helping to form a Globe Bouquet. ” Designed a vase as a miniature protest against all the 3D printed vases that focuses on the actual vase itself. 


        Its really fun and nice to see the creativity out there designing the most complex 3D printed vase but isn’t the flowers the main attraction and also the most beautiful? No 3D print can come close to that beauty right?The Vase can be 3D printed without the use of supports and can also be scaled down to print on smaller build plates.


        Clearly, there’s room for flexibility with Palm’s ingenious and fetching vase in terms of printing as well as what you choose to display in it. In a sense, it’s like several tiny vases together in one that can help even the least talented among us create a visually appealing floral arrangement.


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