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Beautiful 3D Printed Tank - MINGDA Upgraded 300x200x200mm MD-4C 3D Printer

hits:875     Data:2017-09-04
Beautiful 3D Printed Tank - MINGDA Upgraded 300x200x200mm MD-4C 3D Printer


    In the early of 2017, MINGDA MD series FDM 3d printer machines have all upgraded into industrial level 3d printing machines. Both of them can print many kinds of plastic filaments, such as PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Copper, Aluminum etc.

   In the middle time of this year, MINGDA largest standrand size 400x300x500mm MD-6L industrial 3d printer was upgraded with guide rail structure. Some of mingda 3d printer lovers may find that the new machine is more stable and accurate. Besides the fetures of machine body independent from inner structure and easier replaceable 3d printer parts, they also note that there is a back door, which means you can check each detail of our machine. Is it attractive to you?

   Yet, today our focus is MINGDA small industrial 3D printing machine, 300x200x200mm MD-4C FDM 3d printer and you are absolutely right. This 3D printer model is also upgraded now. The structure of MD-4C 3D printer is the same as MD-6L 3D printer. While the most important thing is that the price will not change alrhough its stability and accuracy are imporved. What's a great news!

   Now, let's enjoy the 3D printed tank by this newest MD-4C 3D printer. You can click this link to watch the printing video,https://youtu.be/wmErirwkCIk or to click the below pictures directly.

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